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We have lots of great conversations, we'd love you to us. I asked if I could photograph them in visual representations of their. Some said yes. Actual people post to the casual encounters section of Craiglsist?

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Who knew? Aren't all these wives going to recognize the rooms in their houses?

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The Best of Craig'slist is begging for someone to do this Perhaps a ground bar of high percentage cocoa dark chocolate melted in a sauceman with milk and sprinkled hazelnuts on top. I want a bona fide drink.

Warning: This story contains graphic details

What's this dude's story, I wonder. Is this just about a man's quest for some artisanal hot cocoa or is it a muted cry for some companionship in a lonesome city? Even a bologna sandwich is better when someone else makes it. Either way, it strikes me as unbelievably sad.

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But yeah, come in, come in. Made it to Loser Pig. I'm going with a smug, juvenile "I just saw an ad for someone seeking 'hot chocolate,' used as a sexual euphemism.

Craigslist sex Crown Point

I am so clever! Some dude is taking the ad at face value wants to take my picture! This is soooo hilarious! I can't tell if this example meets the criteria or not. The cuddle ones are the most terrifying. That's why I like ordering toast at restaurants also not a euphemism. Much better bodies than I would have ever expected.

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Best Caption: "str8 needs to be wrestled and dominated - queens ". I've got nothing.

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Oh, thanks. My guess is that it's a selection effect based on who is willing to respond and be photographed. Strange how many of the photographs are reminiscent of Abu Ghraib. Clearly some of these are better than others.

Unhappy married man ISO Unhappy married man - wearing a plastic happy face bag on his head? Holy crap. But some of the other random requests for sex that just feature random naked dudes?

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Yeah, all these would definitely be tagged M4M which may also have some sort of selection effect in regards to body type posted by MCMikeNamara at PM on August 29, This is brilliant. Heh, I'm biased; I've done a project very similar to it. A part of me wishes our culture weren't so weirded out by sex; but another part of me enjoys the photographic opportunities that such repression provides. Sex is naughty.

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I always liked casual encounters. It's one of the most honest places on the internet. I'm guessing the former.

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I found this artistic. I can visualize it in a long white gallery space.

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I did wonder why its all men though. I really hope that uncle finds his nephew. How sad!

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I bet quite a few women would make use of Casual Encounters if they were more confident that it wouldn't get them murdered and mulched. Meanwhile, every time I see an insanely low-looking estimate of the of non-hetero people in the US, I have to think the estimators are totally omitting all the "straight" and down-low guys from craigslist and elsewhere.

No kidding. Not many people identify as gay, but an awful lot like to have fun. Maybe the nephew mistakenly took his pants?

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REM's Everybody Hurts works nicely as background music when viewing this gallery. Maybe I take hot chocolate too seriously, but I wish I had seen that ad - I would have answered it.

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I normally make my hot chocolate with cocoa powder, but experimenting with actual melted chocolate would be interesting. Why do I find the holes in the pillowcases so frightening? Foci for Analysis: What's this dude's story, I wonder. Is this just about a man's quest for some artisanal hot cocoa I don't want to namedrop too heavily here, but more than once during the colder days this past winter, James Beard-award winning chef Jerry Traunfeld has personally made me a whole pot of hand-crafted hot chocolate in a sauce pan back in the kitchen of his restaurant, and it was simply the greatest friggin' hot chocolate I've ever goddamn had.

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So I totally get where this guy is coming from. Oh, this is fascinating! I have such a fondness for CL casual encounters - in my single years before getting married, I looked for one-night stands in bars and I never felt very satisfied with how they went. I saw a M4W ad that was everything I'd always been interested in sexually, but I'd always been afraid to try. I thought it was too soon after leaving my ex and too crazy to actually meet the guy, but I couldn't resist ing him just to tell him what a great ad it was especially because it was written in full sentences - and boy, would it have made for a terrific picture.

Long story short - we met, it was the best sex I have ever had, and now two years later we're head over heels in love and living together. So I can't help but have a soft spot for CL casual encounters. We are still CL regulars now MF4fill-in-the-blankand the variety of personalities and interests and fantasies expressed in the is just so interesting.

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Since M4M is the only section we don't peruse for partners, it's not as familiar to me, but it does strike me how the pictures in this project seem to depict such sad situations, even when the text of the ad might be much more neutral. I wonder if that's coming from the photographer's interpretation, or from the ad writers themselves.

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I would be curious how many of these M4M-inspired photos are from "str8" guys versus men who identify as gay. Most of my gay friends who look for NSA sex use Grindr and probably other platforms I'm not familiar with but rarely go anywhere near Craigslist, so I'm under the impression that it's more the closeted crowd. Which makes it even more interesting that these guys decided to allow themselves to be photographed, especially the ones with the skimpy masks that don't do much to hide their identity.

I would love to know more of the backstory on the photo shoots! The topics were interesting but I have to say I enjoyed the composition more.

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The photographer has talent, or at least a style I enjoy. I know at least one gay guy who, when using Craigslist, would indenity as " straight" cause it got more responses. Also yes that is depressingly what ' average' translates to. Dating in this town was a nightmare. It looks like a psych ward where somebody handed out cameras.

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Great project. Thank you for posting it.

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I think they missed a real opportunity here by failing to use the Accoutrements Horse Mask on all of the participants. Ok, I've run across it again in these pictures, so my curiosity drives me to ask - what is the deal with the "blowjob buddies" thing?

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Is it just A friend of mine posted on CL looking for a workout partner for going to the gym Further explanation in subsequent claiming "No no, I really don't mean gay sex, I mean I want a workout partner" just increased the ardor of the respondents who were more familiar with how that corner of CL worked. It seems to me these "come clean my house and then you can fuck me" guys are getting the better end of the deal all 'round.

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Oh, Craigslist. Is there nothing you cannot teach us?

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Furthermore, it lead to some of the best long-term relationships I have had although not to the level of marriage or cohabitation; perhaps that was the secret, but that's another matter for discussion. Additionally, it was easier to be frank with the men I did not wish to see again.

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