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Forgot your password? By wjbFebruary 10, in Swinging Online. Has anyone found legit swinger people on Craigslist? I know that there is a lot of junk mail "bots" but aren't there real people on there too? We have met a few couples off a craigslist and friends of ours have also met several single females on CL. Unfortunately, you have to weed through several bots and pic stealers before getting real people.

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We usually stay away from sites like craigslist. Too much spam, swinger forums and web sites are the best bet over the internet. I heard that they might be shutting down the adult on craigslist. Years ago we would check it out but have learned it is not worth our time unless I am looking to buy some old appliances for a rental house.

I would say there are some real people for M4M, couples, W4W, people wanting a T, but it is very likely most real people are pic collectors or cheaters.

Haven craigslist for sex swing

A lot of the real women on it, most likely will be BBW. Might be a good place to find a BBW if that's what you are looking for. I am real.

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Bi-curious BBW and have met single men on there. Suspected but don't know for sure if married or attached. I am looking more into flickr and yahoo for better ways to meet. Met a couple on a local swinger site - a free site. Anyway I am looking for somebody in San Antonio.

Personals near Kansas

Finding a couple on CL would scare the hell outta me. When they start advertising washers and dryers on SLSI'm outta there, too. I've heard too many stories, seen sketchy and there is no way I'd go to CL for a date. CL is too hit or miss IMO. I don't mind readinghave responded to a few f seeking f but haven't met anyone on there.

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I've found, overall, online swingers searches is hit or miss. We've posted on CL and while we have never met anyone on there, have found a ton of guy's. Some that have been pretty interesting. A couple that I thought for sure, my wife would want to meet. No dice thus far.


But I agree, you do need to weed through the BS. This post could also make one steer clear of Craigslist! We are a little too leary of online security to try it. Toom many spam-bots, fakes, and pic collectors to find the few gems that are listed there.

Personals near Kansas

We will, answer adds from couples and single fems on craigs list and point them to real swingers sites, then if we find them there we contact them again. Right now mostly males to us for a threesome, and out of a bunch of people we actually met up with one guy, he turned out to be a virgin, or so he said he was, and it was something we thought could have been fun We ended up talking to him and trying to get to know him for a span of years, and near the end of the second year, when we asked if he would be interested in setting something up soon?

He kind of was rude, and his excuse was that we made him wait for so long that he does feel frustrated, I think whether or not he was real enough to show up, or if he was telling the truth about even being a virgin, the way he was rude, kind of just totally turned us off So we ended up just not replying to him, so as of yet, we haven't found anyone from CL, I like to read ad's every now and then, hoping to find someone good, but so far no luck Mrs DS has spent a lot of time perusing CL.

Because it's free, it invites too many seedy types imho to consider it viable.

Personals near Kansas

I felt more relaxed at a swinger's club then the possibility of meeting a CL harvested contact. I've used CL to sell stuff rather successfully. Also found some good deals on furniture and appliances.

Personals near Kansas

That being said, the personals boards are the biggest mess I've ever seen. The casual relationships category has pretty much become a list of hookers trying to line up johns. It's a race as to how many posts they can put up before people start flagging. I've met a couple of ladies who took great glee in describing themselves in ways that no way matched their actual appearance, unless one took great literary We don't do the craigslist thing.

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It may just be our area, but here it's mostly prostitutes and bots. Craigslist is a nightmare.

Personals near Kansas

A long time ago, I tried to use it to find a single guy for a MFM, and the most sketchy people on the planet replied to my ad. If it wasn't a bot, it was some guy replying with nothing but a picture of his penis and a phone .

Personals near Kansas

I know it's not the classiest thing to look for a sexual partner on CL, but good god, those people have zero tact. And even mentioning an STD test basically halts any further communication. People are scared of their own shadows.

Personals near Kansas

We have used CL and have actually met people that we still see. First read posts to learn the techniques of bots and scammers.

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Read the posts carefully and you'll notice those who are playing fantasy and don't have the guts to be real. Once you eliminate these you are on a par with most swinger sites. We've met some kooks on swinger sites too. Most posts on CL can be quickly eliminated. On Swing Lifestyle we eliminate most on a first read through also. Reading and eliminating those who don't fit are the most essential actions on any site when looking for swinging partners.

Personals near Kansas

All I get is guys looking to hook up with myself and a girl if and when I find one I have tried looking for couples and there are a million postings from single guys looking for a one night stand. Go and check how many females post looking for men or couples. I think of it as a bunch of mice scrambling after one piece of cheese. Guide me in the right direction. I'm new at this. It would be greatly appreciated. You can post now and register later.

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Personals near Kansas

By wjbFebruary 10, in Swinging Online craigslist swinger personals. Recommended Posts. Posted February 10, Share this post Link to post. Coffeeblack I know several swingers from my area, that post on CL. Good luck!

Personals near Kansas

VegasLee 1, Our experience from Craig's list has proven to be mostly cheaters and trolls. JustAskJulie 2, Posted February 12, Toys4T Posted February 13, ZIP: 67543

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